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Assist Prof Dr. Devbrat Pundhir| Researcher award | Best Researcher Award

Assist Prof Dr. Devbrat Pundhir,  Raja Balwant Singh Engineering Technical Campus , India 


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🔬 Groundbreaking Research:

Dr. Pundhir’s research journey spans various domains, including seismo-electromagnetics, atmospheric studies, weather forecasting, and seismic studies. His investigations into phenomena such as ionospheric perturbations and Schumann Resonance hold significant implications for understanding Earth’s intricate systems. Through a multitude of sponsored projects and extensive publications, Dr. Pundhir continues to unravel the mysteries of the natural world. 🌍

📚 Academic Distinction:

Dr. Pundhir’s academic prowess shines through his impressive qualifications, including a Ph.D. in Physics from Banasthali Vidyapith. His scholarly contributions extend beyond research, with numerous guided dissertations and ongoing Ph.D. supervision, nurturing the next generation of scientific minds. 🎓

🌐 Global Collaborator:

With a global footprint in academia, Dr. Pundhir actively engages in international conferences and technical committees. His leadership roles in prestigious conferences and editorial board memberships underscore his standing as a thought leader in the scientific community. 🌐

🏆 Multifaceted Achiever:

Dr. Pundhir’s accomplishments transcend academia, encompassing mentorship, technical committee memberships, and advanced training initiatives. His diverse skill set, coupled with a passion for innovation, has earned him recognition as an exemplary mentor and academic leader. 🏅

🎨 Versatile Persona:

Beyond the realms of science, Dr. Pundhir’s vibrant persona shines through his active involvement in cultural and sporting activities. As a captain and member of various faculty teams, he embodies the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. 🏆

Assist Prof Dr. Devbrat Pundhir| Researcher award | Best Researcher Award

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