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Dr. Mordechai Chaziza | Politics and Media | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Mordechai Chaziza , Ashkelon Academic College , Israel 

Mordechai Chaziza is a seasoned scholar and educator specializing in international relations, diplomacy, and geopolitics, with a particular focus on China’s foreign policy in the Middle East. He earned his PhD in International Relations from Bar Ilan University, where his dissertation examined China’s involvement in the Middle East post-Cold War era. Prior to his doctoral studies, Mordechai completed a Master’s degree in International Relations and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, both with honors, from the same institution.

With a passion for teaching and research, Mordechai has held various teaching positions at Ashkelon Academic College and Bar Ilan University. As a Senior Lecturer, he has taught courses ranging from “Diplomacy and Strategy” to “China and the Geopolitics of the Middle East,” imparting his expertise to students eager to understand complex international dynamics. His commitment to education extends beyond traditional classroom settings, as he has also lectured on topics such as administration, public policy, and political thought.

Throughout his career, Mordechai has contributed significantly to the academic community through his research, publications, and teaching. His insights into international relations theory and the intricacies of diplomatic relations have earned him recognition as a respected authority in his field.

As a Research Fellow at the University of Haifa, Mordechai continues to delve into the nuances of Asian studies, further enriching his understanding of global affairs. With his wealth of knowledge and dedication to scholarly pursuits, Mordechai Chaziza remains at the forefront of academic discourse on international politics and diplomacy.

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Education :

🎓 Mordechai Chaziza’s academic journey is marked by a profound dedication to understanding the intricacies of international relations. Beginning with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, where he graduated with distinction (Magna Cum Laude), Mordechai laid the groundwork for his scholarly pursuits. His Master’s degree in International Relations, with a thesis focusing on the discourse within the Israeli Right, further honed his expertise and earned him accolades for academic excellence. Embarking on doctoral studies at Bar Ilan University, Mordechai delved into China’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East post-Cold War era, culminating in a PhD degree. His commitment to advancing knowledge in this field is evident in his subsequent roles, including a Research Fellow at the University of Haifa, where he explores the complexities of Asian studies. Alongside his academic achievements, Mordechai’s diploma in Teaching Social Sciences underscores his passion for imparting knowledge, making him a multifaceted scholar and educator. 📚

Teaching Experience :

📚 Mordechai Chaziza’s career as an educator reflects his deep commitment to shaping the minds of future leaders in political science and international relations. Since 2006, he has been actively involved in academia, starting as a Teaching Assistant at Ashkelon Academic College, where he assisted in courses such as “Introduction to International Relations” and “Introduction to Government and Politics.” Over the years, Mordechai’s role evolved, and he took on positions of increasing responsibility, ultimately becoming a Senior Lecturer. His teaching portfolio expanded to encompass a diverse array of courses, including “Diplomacy and Strategy,” “International Relations Theory,” and “China and the Geopolitics of the Middle East.” Mordechai’s dedication to scholarly discourse extended beyond Ashkelon Academic College; he also served as a Lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, delivering courses on “Administration and Public Policy” and “Introduction to International Relations.” Through his dynamic and comprehensive approach to education, Mordechai has become a respected figure in the field, inspiring students with his knowledge and passion. 🎓

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Attitude Realization in News Reports: An Interpretation through an Appraisal Analysis

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Dr. Mordechai Chaziza | Politics and Media | Best Researcher Award

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