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Mrs. SARA KEFİ| Gaming and Gender | Best Researcher Award

Mrs. SARA KEFİ , FOCA Municipality Preschool , Turkey 

Sara Kefi is a dedicated educator and director of the Foça Municipality Child Center. She holds a Doctorate in Child Development and Home Management Education from Selçuk University. With a career spanning over three decades, Kefi has been deeply involved in research and practice in early childhood education, focusing on areas such as language development, scientific process skills, and innovative teaching methodologies.

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📚 Education and Research:

Kefi’s academic journey includes a Doctoral thesis titled “The Effects of High/Scope Model Education on the Language Development Levels of Children Aged 36-72 Months Attending Preschool Institutions,” showcasing her commitment to understanding and enhancing early childhood learning experiences. Her research contributions extend to numerous international peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, where she explores topics like the impact of project-based learning on children’s scientific process skills.

👩‍🏫 Teaching and Professional Experience:

As an educator, Kefi has taught a wide range of courses in early childhood education, including “School Adjustment and Early Literacy Education” and “Character and Values Education.” Her innovative approach to teaching, grounded in research-backed methodologies, has earned her recognition and respect in the field. Additionally, her role as the Director of the Foça Municipality Child Center highlights her leadership and administrative skills in managing educational institutions.

🔍 Research and Seminars:

Kefi’s commitment to advancing early childhood education is evident in her participation in seminars and conferences both nationally and internationally. Through her research and seminar presentations, she shares insights into effective teaching strategies, parental involvement in children’s education, and the importance of play-based learning in fostering creativity and critical thinking skills.

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Mrs. SARA KEFİ| Gaming and Gender | Best Researcher Award

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