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Ms. Mingxuan Gao | Media and culture | Best Researcher Award

Ms. Mingxuan Gao ,  Tsinghua University , China 

Mingxuan Gao is a dedicated scholar at Tsinghua University, where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Automation before pursuing a Master’s degree in the Institute of Education. His academic journey reflects a seamless transition from engineering to educational psychology and cognitive neuroscience, showcasing his diverse interests and adaptability.

With a keen research focus on multi-modal learning, educational psychology, and cognitive neuroscience, Mingxuan is at the forefront of exploring innovative approaches to enhance learning outcomes and understanding the intricacies of human cognition.

His research contributions are noteworthy, including his publication on a multi-stage time series processing framework for early life prediction of lithium-ion batteries, demonstrating his interdisciplinary expertise in engineering and energy storage systems. Additionally, his ongoing work on an autoencoder-assisted feature ensemble net for incipient fault detection underscores his commitment to advancing technology for practical applications.

Mingxuan’s professional experiences further attest to his versatility. As a Technical Operation Intern at Conflux, he contributed to the evaluation and improvement of ecological projects, showcasing his practical problem-solving skills and project management acumen. His role as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Education provided him with invaluable insights into AI-assisted evaluation concepts and research policies, highlighting his dedication to merging technology with education.

Beyond academia and professional endeavors, Mingxuan actively engages in social activities and community service. From volunteering at the Winter Olympics Beijing 2022 to assuming leadership roles in various student organizations, he demonstrates a strong commitment to service and leadership development.

In terms of technical skills, Mingxuan is proficient in Python, C programming language, Matlab, SPSS, and STATA, enabling him to leverage computational tools for data analysis and modeling. Moreover, his fluency in English, coupled with beginner-level proficiency in Spanish and Russian, reflects his global outlook and adaptability in diverse cultural contexts.

Professional Profiles:

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📚 Education:

Gao’s academic journey commenced at Tsinghua University, where they earned a Bachelor’s degree in Automation. During this time, their research focused on incipient fault detection and the early life prediction of lithium batteries, showcasing a keen interest in practical applications of technology. Building upon this foundation, Gao pursued a Master’s degree at Tsinghua’s Institute of Education, delving into areas such as multi-modal learning, educational psychology, and cognitive neuroscience.

📝 Publications:

Gao’s contributions to scholarly discourse are notable, with publications such as “A multi-stage time series processing framework based on attention mechanism for early life prediction of lithium-ion batteries” in the prestigious Journal of Energy Storage. Their ongoing research endeavors include the submission of “Autoencoder-assisted Feature Ensemble Net for incipient fault detection” to the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology.

💼 Internship & Research Experience:

Gao’s practical experience is equally impressive, having served as a Technical Operation Intern at Conflux, where they contributed to ecological projects and technical documentation. Their role as a Research Assistant at Tsinghua’s Institute of Education allowed them to delve into projects exploring AI-assisted evaluation concepts and their impact on students’ learning perspectives.

🌐 Social Activities & Leadership:

Beyond academia, Gao is an active participant in social and extracurricular activities. They have volunteered at high-profile events such as the Winter Olympics Beijing 2022, showcasing their commitment to community engagement. Their leadership roles within student organizations, including the Youth Research Center and the Student Science and Technology Association, underscore their ability to inspire and mobilize teams towards common goals.

💻 Skills:

Gao possesses a robust skill set encompassing technical proficiencies in Python, C programming, Matlab, and statistical analysis tools like SPSS and STATA. Fluent in English, with a beginner’s proficiency in Spanish and Russian, Gao’s language abilities reflect their global outlook and eagerness to engage with diverse communities.


Ms. Mingxuan Gao | Media and culture | Best Researcher Award

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