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Dr. .China Raju Bhimapaka| Media Studies and Education | Best Researcher Award

Dr. .China Raju Bhimapaka , CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad , India 

As a Senior Principal Scientist and Head of the Department of Natural Products & Medicinal Chemistry at CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology in Hyderabad, India, Dr. China Raju Bhimapaka has made significant contributions to the field of organic chemistry. With a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad, and postdoctoral research experience from Purdue University, USA, Dr. Bhimapaka possesses a wealth of expertise in designing and synthesizing biologically active molecules. His research accomplishments include the development of synthetic processes for various pesticides and herbicides, as well as the synthesis and development of new derivatives for insecticides. Dr. Bhimapaka has also been involved in projects focused on the identification and commercialization of bioactive molecules from plant sources, leading to the isolation and synthesis of several compounds with potential medicinal applications. With his broad knowledge of organic synthetic skills and extensive experience with analytical instrumentation, Dr. Bhimapaka continues to drive innovative research in natural products and medicinal chemistry.


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Summary of Expertise:

  • Design and synthesis of biologically active molecules.
  • Broad knowledge of organic synthetic skills.
  • Strong skills in separation and characterization techniques.
  • Experienced with instrumentation including NMR, IR, LC/LCMS, GC/GCMS, UV-Vis, HPLC, HPTLC, ASE, personal Sepbox.
  • Capable of conducting independent and collaborative research.


  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Prof. Herbert C. Brown Center for Borane Research, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA (Sep 2004-Aug 2006).
  • Ph.D: Organic Chemistry, CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad, India [Osmania University] 1998.
  • M.S: Organic Chemistry, Osmania University, 1988.
  • B.S: Biology & Chemistry, Osmania University, 1986.

Research Accomplishments:

  • Developed processes for the synthesis of various agrochemicals and insecticides including Esfenvalerate, Glyphosate, Pirimiphos-methyl, and Imidacloprid.
  • Synthesized and developed new derivatives of Imidacloprid.
  • Contributed to the identification and commercialization of bioactive molecules from plant sources.
  • Isolated and synthesized various bioactive compounds including Marmesin, Coumarin derivatives, and AChE inhibitors.
  • Developed novel formulations for cancer treatment (AP-9cd) and gastric ulcer (AP-76p).
  • Developed processes for the preparation of Vanillin and generation of hydrogen from borohydrides.
  • Synthesized various organic compounds including Borane-Ammonia, Amine-Boranes, Borazine, Amine-haloboranes, Butenolides, Pyranones, and more.
  • Synthesized Natural Products such as Cherylline analogues, Pellitorine, and Trichonine during Ph.D. program.
  • Developed novel methodologies in organic synthesis.
Dr.China Raju Bhimapaka| Media Studies and Education | Best Researcher Award

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