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Assist Prof Dr. Asalifew Mekuria Wudneh | Media Studies and Education | Best Researcher Award

Assist Prof Dr. Asalifew Mekuria Wudneh , Wachemo University , Ethiopia 

Asalefew Mekuria Wudneh is an accomplished educator and scholar hailing from Ethiopia, deeply committed to the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). With a robust academic background including a PhD fellowship in English Language Teaching (ELT) from Hawassa University and an M.Ed. in TEFL from Bahir Dar University, Asalefew has continuously pursued excellence in his field. He was recently promoted to Assistant Professor of TEFL, a testament to his dedication and expertise. Alongside his academic pursuits, Asalefew has engaged in various professional development activities, including training sessions on data science, election regulations, management strategies, and leadership through online courses and workshops. With over two decades of experience, Asalefew has served as a lecturer, researcher, material developer, and coordinator of ELIC, impacting undergraduate and graduate students across multiple public universities in Ethiopia. His current research project, “Effects of learning strategies on students’ reading performance and strategy use,” reflects his commitment to enhancing learning outcomes. Furthermore, his involvement as an educational advisor at h2empower underscores his dedication to improving learning quality in Ethiopia and Uganda. As a member of the Asian ELT institution, Asalefew continues to contribute significantly to the advancement of English language education, making him a respected figure in the field both nationally and internationally.


Professional Profiles:


🎓 Academic Background:

  • PhD fellow in English Language Teaching (ELT) program at Hawassa University, Ethiopia.
  • M.Ed. in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia.
  • B.Ed. in English from Dilla University.
  • Diploma in English as Major and Amharic as a Minor from Hawassa College Teachers Education.
  • High school at Wachamo Com.Sec.School.
  • Junior and Elementary School at Kunafa Primary & Junior School in Hadiya Zone.

📚 Trainings and Certificates:

  • Essentials of Data Science and Statistics.
  • Rules, regulations, and Implementation about the 2013 E.C. Ethiopian National Election.
  • Management Strategies for People and Resources.
  • Servant Leadership-The Deciding Difference.
  • Strategies for Personal Growth and Development.
  • Fundamentals of Grant writing.
  • Advanced Stata.
  • Two days on Modular approach Teaching.
  • Higher Diploma program (HDP) at Woliata Sodo University.
  • IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software maintenance.
  • Training of Trainers (TOT) for Grade 3 & 4 students’ textbook preparation.

💼 Work Experience:

  • Assistant Professor of TEFL, lecturer, researcher, material developer, coordinator of ELIC, and research advisor at various public universities.
  • Educational advisor at h2empower, dedicated to better quality learning bases in Ethiopia and Uganda.
  • Lecturer, researcher, and advisor of undergraduate students in English Language and Literature departments at Woliata Sodo University and Wollega University.
  • Preparatory school teacher and head of English department.
  • Junior English teacher and head of Language department at primary school.

🤝 Membership:

  • Asian ELT institution ID: 12907.

Dr. Asalefew Mekuria Wudneh’s dedication to enhancing education and fostering learning opportunities has positively impacted numerous students and educators alike, marking him as a significant figure in the field of English Language Teaching in Ethiopia.

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Assist Prof Dr. Asalifew Mekuria Wudneh | Media Studies and Education | Best Researcher Award

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