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Dr. Mistura Salaudeen | Journalism and media studies award | Women Researcher Award

Dr. Mistura Salaudeen , Centre for Media and Communication Research, Hong Kong Baptist University , Hong Kong

Dr. Mistura Adebusola Salaudeen is a distinguished scholar and communication expert with a keen focus on journalism, media studies, and international communication. Holding a Doctorate in Communication and Journalism from Hong Kong Baptist University, she has delved deeply into the efficacy of China’s soft power in Africa, shedding light on the dynamics of Sino-African relations through her research titled “Efficacy of China’s Soft Power in Africa: News and Views.”

With a rich academic background spanning from Nigeria to Hong Kong, Dr. Salaudeen brings a wealth of experience and insights to her current role as a Research Executive Administrator at the Centre for Media and Communication Research (CMCR) at Hong Kong Baptist University. In this capacity, she spearheads various initiatives aimed at advancing research in communication and media studies, contributing significantly to the academic discourse in these fields.

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🎓 Education

Dr. Salaudeen completed her PhD in Communication and Journalism from HKBU, with a thesis titled “Efficacy of China’s Soft Power in Africa: News and Views.” She holds a Master of Arts in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria.

📝 Professional Experience

Her professional journey encompasses a range of roles. As a lecturer at HKBU’s School of Communication, she mentors and educates postgraduate students, designs course modules, and organizes departmental talk series on global communication ideas. Previously, she contributed significantly as a Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant within HKBU’s School of Communication.

Dr. Salaudeen’s expertise extends to journalism, having served as a News Editor/Journalist at CEOAfrica News Media in Nigeria, where she managed news reports, conducted high-profile interviews, and guided news coverage strategies.

🌐 Research Focus

Dr. Salaudeen’s research interests are multifaceted, covering areas such as Journalism Studies, Mainstream/Digital Media Studies, Health Communication, and International/Global Communication. Notably, her work delves into Sino-African Relations, exploring the dynamics of China’s soft power in Africa and its portrayal in news narratives.

🔍 Research Contributions

In addition to her teaching and administrative roles, Dr. Salaudeen is actively engaged in research activities. She has been a Research Fellow at HKBU’s CMCR, contributing to scholarly discourse on media and communication topics.

📚Publication  Top  Notes :

Digital media vs mainstream media: Exploring the influences of media exposure and information preference as correlates of media credibility

Citation : 43

From Personal to Professional: Exploring the Influences on Journalists’ Evaluation of Citizen Journalism Credibility

Dr. Mistura Salaudeen | Journalism and media studies award | Women Researcher Award

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