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Prof. Mindaugas Briedis | media and geopolitics award |Excellence in Research

Prof. Mindaugas Briedis , Universidad Panamericana , Mexico 

Mindaugas Briedis, Ph.D., is a distinguished Professor at the Escuela de Comunicación, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City, Mexico, and also affiliated with the Institute of Humanities at Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius, Lithuania. With a background in Philosophy, he specializes in areas such as Philosophy of Communication, Embodied Cognition, Visual Communication, Religion and Media, and Philosophical Ethnography. His research explores the intersections of communication, cognition, and culture, with a particular focus on understanding how embodied experiences shape our perceptions and interactions within various media environments. Briedis has received numerous accolades for his scholarly contributions, including Best Paper Awards and prestigious research grants, demonstrating his commitment to advancing knowledge in his field. Through his teaching and mentorship, he actively engages students in exploring philosophical inquiries into contemporary issues, fostering critical thinking and ethical awareness. 🎓📚

Professional Profiles:


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🎓 2006: Ph.D. in Philosophy, Vilnius University


👨‍🏫 Current: Professor at Escuela de Comunicacion, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City, Mexico, and Institute of Humanities, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania
👨‍🏫 2006-2011: Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Political Sciences, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania
📝 2009-2011: Managing editor of scientific journal “Santalka” (Philosophy/Philology, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University)

Research Interests

🔍 Philosophy of Communication
🧠 Embodied Cognition
👁️ Visual Communication
⛪ Religion and Media
📜 Classical Phenomenology
📺 Phenomenology and Media
🏛️ Western Ethical Paradigms
💊 Philosophy of Medicine
🔄 Enactivism
📚 Philosophical Ethnography

Teaching Courses

📚 Contemporary Philosophy
📚 Phenomenology
📚 Media Ethics
📚 Legal Ethics
📚 Media and Religion
📚 Existentialism and Philosophy
📚 Logic

Awards, Grants, Fellowships

🏆 Best Paper Award for research on “Enactive Approach to Social Interactions in Artistic Media Ecologies: D. Rivera’s Case” at The Twenty-Fourth Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association, New York City, USA (2023)
🌟 2021 September-December: Research grant at Universidad Panamericana (UP), Escuela de Comunicacion
🔬 2021 March: Research grant by Lithuanian Research Council to join The Embodied Cognitive Science Unit
🌐 2013 Fulbright Grant: Participation in the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program at the National University, San Diego, CA
🏅 2008 Awarded by Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in the field of Social Sciences

MRU University Awards

🏆 2018: Best International Scholar
🏆 2019: Best Publishing Scholar

👨‍🔬 Mindaugas Briedis is a distinguished scholar whose work in the intersection of philosophy, communication, and cognition has garnered international recognition. His research, teaching, and collaborations span diverse areas including philosophy of communication, embodied cognition, visual communication, religion and media, and more. As a professor, he brings his expertise to the classroom, guiding students through courses on contemporary philosophy, media ethics, and logic. His dedication to scholarship and academic excellence has been recognized with awards and grants, including the prestigious Fulbright Grant and awards from the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and MRU University. 🌟

📚Publication  Top  Notes :

Lietuvos kurtieji: galimybė gyventi kartu:(kurčiųjų integracijos socialiniai ir vadybiniai aspektai): mokslo studija

Citation : 15

Kognityvioji psichologija ir moralės filosofija: ar tvirtos kognityvinės ir moralinės raidos paralelės?

Prof. Mindaugas Briedis | media and geopolitics award |Excellence in Research

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